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There was a time not long ago when qualitative research meant focus groups or phone surveys…and that was about the extent of it. But that’s no longer the case. Today’s researchers have myriad tools and
techniques at their disposal, from the same tried and true face-to-face techniques to multiple options in online and mobile. These tools can be used alone to gain deep insights—or they can be combined to achieve even richer results. Just as the best houses are not built with just a hammer, the best research projects are often not designed with a single research tool.

But how do you combine methodologies AND stay on budget, not to mention schedule? That’s usually the question we hear from researchers. They understand the value of mixing methodologies, but when it comes to execution, they come up short.

If this sounds like you, check out the latest eBook from 20|20 Research. The eBook, Mixed Methodologies 101: How to combine research methods to achieve deeper insights, outlines the process—soup to nuts—for three popular hybrid research designs:

1. Quantitative to Qualitative:
2. Online Qualitative Research to Online Qualitative Research
3. Online Qualitative Research to In-Person

We also help dispel the most common myths about hybrid research design. (Like why hybrid research isn’t necessarily more expensive or time-consuming than using just a single methodology.)

The bottom line: Today’s researchers are responsible for designing projects that produce insights. More and more, hybrid designs produce results that were difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in the past.

Download the eBook, Mixed Methodologies 101: How to combine research methods to achieve deeper insights.

Your Customers Can Make Your Reports Come Alive

Have you ever struggled to stay awake during a research presentation as bar chart after bar chart flashed across the screen? Have you ever struggled to make survey findings compelling so someone would actually notice and do something meaningful with the data?

I’m really excited about a new opportunity to make the reporting of quantitative data come alive.  Last week, 20/20 Technology unveiled a webcam response feature on its QualBoard bulletin board focus group platform. There are a lot of ways to use this feature. However, in my opinion, one of the most powerful is to drive home the most important points in a quantitative research presentation.

How compelling would it be to have real consumers explaining the bar charts to marketing executives?  A lot more compelling than a simple bar chart.

Here is how it can be done simply and inexpensively. Several months ago, 20/20 Technology introduced QualLink, which creates an opportunity for survey participants to opt in to a QualBoard after the survey. Once they opt in, respondents can answer qualitative questions, including webcam response questions. Collect those answers, develop a montage of the best responses, embed them in the research report. Voila! Consumers provide the reality behind the numbers.  It makes an impact.

The cost is very low and it requires no additional time in the research design. So, the value is high.

The key to good reporting is telling a compelling story.  Who better to communicate key points than the customers themselves?

A Better Way to Combine Quantitative Surveys With the Depth of Online Qualitative Research

For years, researchers have been searching for the best way to combine quantitative surveys with qualitative depth. One way to do that is with survey interruption chat. It works like this: A moderator breaks into a survey while the respondent is completing it. The moderator has a live chat conversation with that respondent before releasing them to complete the remainder of the survey.

It does the job, but it can be a clunky way to gain qualitative insight from participants. Luckily, there is a better way: We call it the QualLink-QualBoard method, which allows respondents to be selected based on their survey responses to participate in a QualBoard bulletin board focus group. At the conclusion of the survey, participants who qualify for the online qualitative research can opt-in or opt-out. If they opt-in, they receive login instructions for the bulletin board focus group.

So why is this method better? Here are three reasons. Check out seven more over at 2020Research.com.

  1. Discussion Depth: A live chat is a five-minute chat discussion with the respondent. A bulletin board focus group is a 2-3 day discussion during which the participant answers questions for 20-40 minutes each day.

  2. Survey Integrity: QualLink identifies qualified participants and invites them to participate after the survey is completed. Chat interruption methods disrupt the survey flow as intended by the survey design researcher.

  3. Comprehensive: The bulletin board focus group is not dependent on a moderator being available to conduct the interview whenever the participant completes the survey — it’s always ready, even at 3 a.m.

QualLink Helps Make Error-Ridden Process Foolproof

Inexperience with hybrid research wasn’t the issue for Susan Saurage-Altenloh when she came to us earlier this summer with a problem. She had been combining quantitative and qualitative research for decades. Her problem had to do with logistics. Specifically, what do you do when 2,500 members of a large employees’ credit union opt in to do a follow-on bulletin board focus group but you need only 30 participants?

The answer: QualLink, our patent-pending system that allows seamless integration of a quantitative survey and a qualitative bulletin board.

Before trying out QualLink, Saurage-Altenloh and her staff at Saurage Research were going to tackle the opt-ins manually, which would have opened the door to error. But making mistakes wasn’t really an option: “We had to be very careful about the way we treated them, because we were talking about someone’s valued customers, and their brand was associated with this,” she says. “That’s a problem with sorting through respondents manually–it’s not foolproof.”
But Saurage-Altenloh knew QualLink would be. “We have a lot of confidence in 20|20 Research,” she says. “You never have to worry about something going wrong. There are no glitches. Everything always runs the way it’s supposed to–all the time.”

Read more about this online research software solution and how it can help you.

QualLink Helps Client Integrate Quantitative Survey and Online Focus Group

Longtime 20|20 client Pat Snyder of What They Think Research was in a bind when she contacted us about a month ago. Faced with a client’s tight deadline and tiny budget, Pat needed to do a quantitative survey and an in-depth bulletin board focus group ASAP.
We introduced her to QualLink, our patent-pending technology that seamlessly integrates a quantitative survey with our online focus group software, QualBoard. QualLink automatically recruits for the online focus group using data from the quantitative survey, so there’s no downtime (or extra cost) for re-recruiting.

Pat was sold on QualLink, which works with the majority of survey software platforms.

What would have taken two months to complete took just two weeks, and Pat reports that the responses she got from the QualBoard were some of the most in-depth ones she’s ever seen in her 14-year career. She was thrilled, her client was thrilled, and we were thrilled–so much so that we wrote a case study about it.

Read more about this online research software solution and how it can help you.

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