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Mobile Qualitative Finally Hits Its Stride

Mobile is hot!  Everyone in research is talking about the possibilities of using mobile phones for marketing research purposes.  Actually, we have been for quite a while.  After all, we qualitative researchers are dying to be close to our respondents at the point of purchase or when using our product or just simply to understand their environment more intimately.

Unfortunately, the mobile research applications have not generally lived up to the hype and expectations.  Finally, they are catching up and mobile research designs are entering the mainstream.  Quirks Marketing Research Review dedicated their July issue to mobile research.  I was fortunate enough to have an article in this issue titled, “Qualitatively Speaking:  Mobile Qualitative Finally Hits its Stride.” It includes applications and case studies.  The first couple of paragraphs are below.


Qualitatively Speaking:  Mobile Qualitative Finally Hits Its Stride

Mobile has long been a buzzword among market researchers – and for good reasons. For starters, mobile phones are ubiquitous: At the end of 2011, there were nearly six billion mobile subscribers worldwide, according to the International Telecommunication Union. That is a huge pool that actually dwarfs the number of computer users in the developed and developing world.

Next, consider the fact that most people are within arm’s reach of these devices the majority of the day, meaning engagement could be possible morning, noon or night, wherever those subscribers might be. Like shopping for baby food at the grocery store. Or at the county fair. Maybe they’re cheering on the home team at the baseball field. Or exploring a new city on a family vacation. Or simply sitting at home in front of the TV, about to tune in to a new show.

All of these scenarios offer the potential for gathering what every researcher dreams of: in-the-moment insights.

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ESOMAR Congress: Research Buyers Driving Agencies to Online Qualitative Research

Update from Steve Henke at the ESOMAR Congress in Athens:

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… Day 2 at the ESOMAR Congress was even better than Day 1. Excitement was high as more and more people from around the world came by the booth anxious to find out about online qualitative research. Countries as diverse as Australia, Hungary, United Arab Emirates and many more seem to genuinely want to know how they can do online qualitative research.

Interestingly, the interest seems to be driven by international clients who are asking their suppliers for online qualitative solutions. The research buyers are driving the research agencies to get up to speed with the technology and methodologies, and the buyers are pushing the innovation to the agencies.

In those countries where Internet penetration is low, interest in QualAnywhere (our mobile qualitataive research platform – using mobile phones) is very high. In these countries, people may not have access to a computer but they all carry mobile phones and use them for communicating via voice, text and on the web.

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