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“7 Revolutions” by 2030

2030 will usher in a much more interdependent, less secure world dominated by Asian economies.

This is the “sound-bite” conclusion I draw from an article titled, “7 Revolutions Ahead” that appeared in the Farm Journal’s March issue. The article is summarized from a presentation made by Johanna Nesseth Tuttle, VP of Strategic Planning for the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Here are the “7 Revolutions.”

  1. Population growth and shift. The developing world will grow with sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Plus, continued urbanization worldwide.
  2. Resource Management. Food and water will become more scarce and unevenly distributed. We are headed toward a “global water crisis.”
  3. Technology. 6 BILLION mobile phones in 2012. Technology advances are driving progress at an ever-accelerating rate.
  4. Information. Through the Internet and mobile devices, virtually any information is available virtually anywhere. Information changes lives, perspectives and economies.
  5. Economic shifts. Asia is emerging as the world’s economic force as their economies grow and the “developed world” accumulates ever-greater debt burdens.
  6. Security. The world becomes less secure as threats move from conventional wars to terrorism, Internet hackers, diseases and even individuals.
  7. Governance. As the world is more interdependent and complex, governments have to understand how to govern in an interdependent world of free information flow.

As a company that innovates, we think about these issues.  The implications for market research are huge.  These “7 Revolutions” explain a lot about our own “Revolution” in research and in the evolutions yet to come.  There are many implications.  Here are 3:

  1. Online research and mobile research will become ever more prevalent.
  2. The emergence of the consuming class in Asia will drive significant market research.
  3. Data security will only grow in importance.

The next few years are going to be fun.  Enjoy the ride!

Trends Changing the Market Research Landscape

From: ESOMAR Global Market Research 2009

This research report included an examination of the trends directly affecting the MR industry, and blurring the boundaries between the MR industry and adjacent sectors.  Therefore the competitive set is changing for MR firms.  Here is a quick summary of 6 identified trends that effect our companies and our future.

  1. Changing Client Needs:  Clients are re-evaluating their spending patterns and experimenting with new sources of information such as free survey sites and web analytics tools rather than traditional research methods and suppliers.
  2. Changing Skill Sets:  Advisory and consulting skills are growing in importance as researchers are increasingly called upon to draw conclusions and provide advice based on their findings.  Therefore, research firms now often face new competitors such as management consulting firms.
  3. Technology Developments:  Rapidly advancing technology opens up new sources of information and new research methods enabling researchers to expand their services and creating niches for new companies.
  4. New Players:  Players outside traditional research are using their brand awareness to enter the market with rival research offerings (e.g., Google Ad Planner).
  5. Consolidation:  Consolidation causes some brands to disappear while others morph and change shape to adapt to new opportunities creating a constantly shifting landscape.
  6. New and Emerging Markets:  More global firms are expanding their operations in developing markets.  New players in emerging markets are introducing new techniques that are changing the shape of the industry.
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