Winning Clients: An End User Perspective

Regina Lewis.jpgRegina Lewis, PhD and VP of Global Insights for InterContinental Hotels Group gave an “End User’s Perspective” at the MRA’s CEO Summit.  Here are some notes from her presentation that you might find helpful the next time you try to land that big account.

During a recession, end users are often understaffed but still have to get the work done.  Therefore, any assistance a supplier can give that can help is usually greatly appreciated, regardless of how small.  In these times, end users are often forced to rely on suppliers more than usual but they will also tend to rely on those they trust the most.

Dr. Lewis identified four stages in developing a client relationship along with some tips at each stage. 

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Simon Chadwick on the MR industry

Simon Chadwick is CEO of CAMBIAR, a change management company.  He is also affiliated with Peanut Labs and is the Editor-in-Chief of Research World which I happen to think is a wonderful publication from ESOMAR.  He spoke at the opening session of MRA’s CEO Summit.  Here is a summary of his comments according to my notes.

In 2009 marketing research will likely see its first contraction since 1982, estimated at 7-9%.  Even with that historic contraction, online research will grow 5% bringing online to a total of about 49% of all research. 


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A handful of ideas for online communities in ’09 is a blog on using online communities.  This article highlights 5 research ideas for online communities.  I’ve included the bullets here.  For the full article click on the headline below to link to the full article.


Five ways to use an online research community in 2009

It’s almost Christmas, and for  the penultimate in our Five things to do in 2009 series, I wanted to focus on one specific use brands can make of social media: online research communities. Of the communities we build and manage at FreshNetworks, many are specifically built for research. Even those that are not usually end up offering valuable insight into what consumers think. This insight is something every brand can benefit from, so today here are Five ways to use an online research community in 2009.

1. Get customers involved in your business

2. Innovate with your customers

3. Find out how your customers interact

4. Learn the language your customers use

5. Find answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask


White Paper: Webcam interviews can save budget

20/20 Research recently released a white paper on potential cost savings with its webcam interviewing tool, QualMeeting versus F2F Focus groups.  To access the white paper go to:  The conclusions are provided below.


1. Using QualMeeting™ as a replacement for in-person Focus Groups on an “average” project can result in a 25.9% decrease in costs – a savings of $15,600.

2. Using QualMeeting™ as a replacement for in-person IDIs on an “average” project can result in a 44.4% decrease in costs – a savings of $19,240.

3. What cannot be calculated here is the “lost opportunity” because of travel. How much productivity is lost (by the moderator and the clients) because of all the time spent on planes, in cabs and rental cars going to and from airports, time just sitting and waiting before, between and after the interviews take place and so on?

4. QualMeeting™ provides a cost-effective, valid alternative to in-person qualitative research by combining the best of both the real world and the virtual world. It provides the sights and sounds of in-person research, yet provides them in an online environment, where moderators, clients and the participants can take advantage of the benefits of working online.

You can run but you can’t hide.

I got this off the Ad Age site.  Its not qualitative but it is cool.


Google Takes Social Networking on the Road

Maps App Lets You Share Your Location with Friends

Google Latitude
Google Latitude

Google today announced yet another addition, called Latitude, to its mobile maps service. Latitude enables you to share your location with your friends, and see where your friends are (or at least where they want you to “think” they are). Through Latitude, you are able to connect with friends by sending them a text, chatting via Google talk or even getting directions to your friend’s location. It works on any phone that can run Google Maps My Location.

WPP to Emphasize “Insights”

This comes to us from  Implications for qualitative?

Insight at the Heart of New WPP

January 22, 2009

Global communications group WPP is planning to move away from its role as a traditional media and advertising supplier, to concentrate on becoming a more insight-led organisation, says CEO Sir Martin Sorrell.

Sorrell says this change of direction will move the company away from the business models of rivals such as Omnicom, IPG and Publicis, towards those created by Nielsen, IPSOS, GfK and even Thomson-Reuters and Bloomberg.

Following last year’s buyout of TNS, WPP revenues currently stand at around £15bn, of which £4bn is generated by its consumer insight group of companies, which sit under its Kantar brand.

Sorrell supported the move by quoting recent research from IAB which highlighted that 87% of clients are looking for their agencies to provide value by offering ‘strategic consumer insight’.

‘Clients won’t move in the future unless they get quantitative justification for what they do,’ stated Sorrell. ‘We may not like it – creative departments of ad agencies certainly don’t – but that’s the way the world’s going.’

Sorrell founded WPP in 1985, and the group is now present in 106 countries with more than 150 companies.

Even Facebook wants in on the action

Facebook’s monetisation plan? Market research?

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ANNUAL MEETING 2009 - Mar...Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

An article in today’s Daily Telegraph in London (Networking site cashes in on friends) reports that Facebook has plans to monetise in a way that it has been unable to do to date. It’s not advertising or charging for premium services. Rather Facebook is going to get it’s money from a rather more prosaic source: the market research industry.

The social network is trialling features that would allow firms to survey its 150 million members to find out their thoughts on their product or market, get insight into their lives or test new concepts with them. In fact they could test just about anything they wanted. And given the fact that Facebook collects vast volumes of profiling information, they would allow this research to be targeted based on location, gender, age, and just about anything.

Quant vs. Qual: A Good Basic Comparison (SigmaSurveys)

Sun, 25th January, 2009 – Posted by Adam

This article highlights the differences between qualitative and quantitative research, inherently showing the advantages and disadvantages of each method. It’s very similar in concept to the previous article of Primary versus Secondary Data.

What is Qualitative Research:
Research involving detailed, verbal descriptions of characteristics, cases, and settings. Qualitative research typically uses observation, interviewing, and document review to collect data.

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