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Roger Green of Roger Green & Assoc wrapped up the MRAs CEO Summit today with an excellent presentation on critical CEO “acquisitions” related to capital, people, clients and products.  Here are a couple of quotes that sum up a good bit of the conference.

Regarding the econony, “When everyone else is greedy, be fearful.  When everyone else is fearful, be greedy.”  — Warren Buffett

Regarding the impact of Web2.0 and social media, “Researchers used to bring their world to the respondent.  Now respondents are bringing their world to the researcher.  The researcher must analyze it.”

A good and enlightening conference.  Thank you MRA.

White Paper: Webcam interviews can save budget

20/20 Research recently released a white paper on potential cost savings with its webcam interviewing tool, QualMeeting versus F2F Focus groups.  To access the white paper go to:  http://www.2020research.com/Downloads/White-Paper-2009-11.pdf.  The conclusions are provided below.


1. Using QualMeeting™ as a replacement for in-person Focus Groups on an “average” project can result in a 25.9% decrease in costs – a savings of $15,600.

2. Using QualMeeting™ as a replacement for in-person IDIs on an “average” project can result in a 44.4% decrease in costs – a savings of $19,240.

3. What cannot be calculated here is the “lost opportunity” because of travel. How much productivity is lost (by the moderator and the clients) because of all the time spent on planes, in cabs and rental cars going to and from airports, time just sitting and waiting before, between and after the interviews take place and so on?

4. QualMeeting™ provides a cost-effective, valid alternative to in-person qualitative research by combining the best of both the real world and the virtual world. It provides the sights and sounds of in-person research, yet provides them in an online environment, where moderators, clients and the participants can take advantage of the benefits of working online.

Slaying the Metrics Monster

Marketing Execs: Researchers Could Use a Softer Touch

ARF Panel Talk Emphasizes Need to Ditch Surveys and Listen to Consumers’ Stories, Feelings

Published: January 27, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO (AdAge.com) — Long known for crunching numbers and being statistical gatekeepers of the marketing industry, market researchers need to shift their focus toward listening and developing ideas better on the front end and away from “feeding the metrics monster,” Kim Dedeker, market research VP for Procter & Gamble co., told an Advertising Research Foundation forum on the industry’s future.



Welcome to QualBlog

QualBlog is developed and maintained by 20/20 Research to provide a single source of information about all types of qualitative research.  QualBlog will have original posts and news from around the globe specifically related to qualitative research.  Check in regularly to skim the news and information to keep up to day on worldwide qual research.  We look forward to getting to know you.

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